About me

Welcome to the little space I carved out for myself on the web.

I have been using/designing with the web since the beginning. Using Altavista on my Mac Classic, before Yahoo and long before Google, I have always been fascinated by the connectedness of the web.

I am currently an Educational Developer at Teaching and Learning Services at McGill University where I develops educational university-wide initiatives to improve teaching and learning both inside and outside the classroom. I also work with instructors on the appropriate use of technology in instruction

Previously at McGill, I have managed a team of instructional designers and multimedia programmers and developed many different types of award winning technology-enhanced teaching and learning projects for McGill including multimedia CD-ROMs, learning objects, simulations, and other on-line environments. One particular project won the Bronze Award from the Media Festival of the Health and Science Communications Association.

I am also completing a PhD in Learning Sciences in the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology in the Faculty of Education at McGill University. My thesis is examining the impact of the design of Active Learning Classrooms on instructor conceptions/approaches to teaching, their actions in the classroom and the student experience.

In my previous life as a student I was a Scarlet Key Society award winner for my contribution to McGill University, and was previously awarded the Royal Bank Graduate Student Fellowship in University Teaching from the Centre for University Teaching and Learning (which later was changed to Teaching and Learning Services). I have also been a Faculty Lecturer at McGill for many years and have taught courses in the area of learning and technology.

I am also a background partner for an innovative new consulting company in Montreal, inov8 Educational Consulting, that specializes in using assistive technology to help children with special needs.

On this site I experiment with a lot of things. Twitter feeds, wordpress, plugins, css3, etc… Things may break, but it is a great sandbox to learn.

You can find all my social connections on the sidebar. If you are interested in my CV, just contact me.

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